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CLASS OF 2014 …  You likely heard about this event while collecting your keys at ResLife or at the Career Center meeting(s) in Tischler Hall. Remember Feet to the Fire? Common Moment? All that fun stuff? Remember taking that photo on Foss Hill the first day? When was the last time the entire Class of […]

Starting this Sunday September 8th (12:00pm), the Community Advisors (CAs) in the Woodframe area will be leading a Community Cleanup Team.  There will be several opportunities this year to volunteer your time to clean up the streets.  If you are interested in keeping your community clean and would like to volunteer (for this weekend or […]

Have you applied to Program Housing or are you thinking of applying but aren’t sure what our Program House spaces look like?!??!?  Well don’t worry – because this Sunday, all of our Program Houses and Program Halls (as well as WestCo) will be hosting open houses — you can stop on by, see the spaces, […]

Get information about all of Wesleyan’s Program Houses/Halls, Fraternities & Societies WHEN: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8th WHERE: BECKHAM HALL 11:30am – 2:30pm Come talk to current residents about what it’s really like to live in our program houses!!

OKTOBERFEST IS HERE!!! Celebrate Oktoberfest this Saturday and Sunday at German Haus (65 Lawn)… GERMAN PRETZEL MAKING   ~  Saturday September 29, 2012 [2-5 pm] Come kick off OktoberFest in style!  All participants will be able to help prepare for Sunday’s OktoberFest festivities! OKTOBERFEST     ~  Sunday September 30, 2012 [2-5 pm] Our stateside version […]

A Panel from WesWELL, Public Safety and the Student Judicial Board will offer answers to students most  frequently asked questions about addressing severe intoxication:  What does alcohol poisoning look like? How do I know whether a friend needs medical assistance? What will PSafe do if I call them? If my friend does go to the […]

Have questions about the General Room Selection Process? Want to know about bookmarking & splitting/merging? Asst.  Director of Res. Life, Stacey Phelps, will do a short presentation and then be available to answer YOUR questions! STOP ON BY! Date: March 29th, 2012 Location: USDAN 108 Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm  *SNACKS will be provided*   Sponsored […]

First Year Focus TONIGHT!

Thinking about applying to a Program House? Questions about choosing your housing next year? Want to know the process? Area Coordinators Krystal Gayle-O’Neill, Dan LaBonte, & Brian  Nangle along with Assistant Director of Res. Life, Stacey Phelps, will do a short presentation and then be available to answer YOUR questions!  Date: February 9th, 2012 Location: […]

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